Visa Experience

This is my personal visa experience at the Kolkata US-consulate on 30th June, 2022

Consulate Location: Kolkata (Ho Chi Minh Sarani)
Date: 30 June, 2022
Slot Time: 10:30 AM
In-time: 10:45AM
Out-time: 11:02AM
University: The Penn State University
Degree: PhD
Counter: 6 (American in 30's)
Interview time: 30secs
Status: Approved ✅

VO*: Good Morning, how are you?
Me: Good Morning Officer, I am fine! How are you?
VO*: Good!

Then, takes my Passport, I-20 and SEVIS.

VO*: Fully Funded?
Me: Yes
VO*: Tell me in detail what you are going to do?
Me: Telling about my intended research at Penn State(interrupted)
VO*: What is your favourite amino acid?
Me: Alanine
VO*: Are you sure? (Laughs)
VO*: You visa is approved!
Me: Thank You officer! Have a good day.
*Visa Officer
My VISA arrived the next day for collection at the VAC.