The E-Mail

The arsenal for the first impression

This is the token of the first impression you send to any professor. So, do proper research before you send it and format it well. 
  • Start with Dear Prof./Dr. <Name>, internationally, they don't prefer being called Sir/Ma'am as that sounds generalized. And, especially in the US, Sir/Ma'am–culture is often frowned upon. 
  • Keep the email as short as possible. Not very short, not very long. Try to keep it within 300 words and 3 paragraphs.
  • In the first paragraph, try to introduce yourself.  Your current academic affiliation has to be included here. After going through this, the professor should feel that you are writing to him/her for a graduate position in the lab. It would be best if you write this explicitly. 
  • In the next paragraph, mention your research interest and why you like this field. You can mention the papers you read about the lab. This will definitely attract their attention. 
  • Finally, list your relevant skills, coursework, and how you would contribute to the lab if given a chance. Thank him/her for his time and direct them to your CV. Ask them if they would like to have a Skype call with you or continue the discussion over email. 
  • Use a simple subject line for the mail e.g., "Prospective Graduate Applicant–Fall 2023".
Plan your mails according to US time zones: EST, CST, MST & PST, and use the  extension "Streak CRM Gmail
 The Most important part: USE YOUR OWN CREATIVITY