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  1. NiyoX Account: Use my code  "SKM6640" while registering on the app. We both get upto Rs. 200. You can get the app from Play Store. 
  2. Blue Cash AmEx Credit Card: This doesn't need an SSN and you can use your Indian credit history for applying to the credit card. Get a whooping $200 bonus if you use this referral LINK. You need to spend $2000 in 6 months for this cashback! 
  3. Zolve Account: Use my code "ZOLVE-11KVM" or click HERE. We both get $10. You do NOT need SSN for this!
  4. Discover Credit Card: Click HERE and Register. Both of us would get $100. However, this needs SSN!
  5. Venmo: Want to have something similar to UPI and an alternative t Zelle? This is the app for you. Join with a $10 bonus HERE
  6. Rakuten: It's the best website for coupons on different sites. You can get a $30 bonus on spending $30 with this LINK
  7. Remitly: Want to send back your savings to India? You can register HERE. You get $15 after you send $1500 or more back to India. 
  8. GoogleFi: Taking the GoogleFi plan in US. Use my code "A3P2UY". We both get a Fi credit worth $20.